At The Friendly Fish we have staff who are trained to be able to provide a Beach School experience for your child, which also qualifies us to lead our team in providing such a unique and fun opportunity to learn.

We think it is important that children have the opportunity to really connect with the open spaces and the elements our local beach has to offer.

The Beach school experience promotes an all-round developmental experience. Whether we are building shelters, exploring the tides, or just getting to know our natural environment it is always exciting and forever changing as well as providing teachable moments that we would not normally come across in the normal nursery environment.

The experiences children can get from these activities are vast, and build on everything we will do within nursery life. The children will get to have first-hand experiences, work together as a team, have their own ideas, opinions and most importantly to have a go and try something new.

Our Beach school experiences will spark each child’s own intrinsic motivations to explore create and be curious about the world around them. Beach Schools provide an opportunity for holistic development for young children, giving them good foundations for the rest of their life.

Children that attend Beach Schools get an amazing opportunity to connect with the natural environment of the beach; pebbles, sand, water, oozing mud as well as all of the habitats for wild animals. This offers a chance for children’s education to be completely learner centred. Children are involved in the decision making process about their experiences of the beach, their learning. To assist with this we ensure we have an emphasis on reflection and reviewing. Before, during and after Beach School sessions we give time for review and reflection time, encouraging the children to talk and share their own experiences and thoughts.

Beach sessions are available to all the older Pre-school children – the small size of the group means that each child will have the opportunity to go approximately once a month. For more information on Beach School outings please ask Management who will be more than happy to talk about out exciting visits!