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Fees and Payments

Under 2 Years Over 2 Years
Full Day (8am – 6pm) £58.50 £56.70
Morning (8am – 1pm) £35.00 £33.75
Afternoon (1:30pm – 6pm) £31.00 £30.00
Extra Hour £8.50 £8.50
Meals and Consumables Charge £3.60 AM £2.40 PM £3.60 AM £2.40 PM

Nursery fees are payable monthly by the 3rd of the month in which they are due. Invoices will be issued by email to contact details provided.

Payments should be made by Direct Debit, which can be set up in the Famly application.

If payments are not made by Direct Debit, then they should be made by Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare payments.

Debit and Credit Card payments can be made, however you will be charged the processing fee, which is between 2 – 3.5% of the transaction value. Please contact the nursery to request a link.

Funded Early Education

The government allows flexibility on how funding is applied to nursery fees and our nurseries use a methodology, which will be different to other providers. Our methodology is chosen based on our desire to make the funding as accessible as possible for everyone.

There is no limit to the number of funded hours that can be used on any one day at our nurseries.

Your funding entitlement will be provided free at the point of delivery. However, our nurseries do charge for additional hours provided outside the free entitlement, as well as applying a charge for Meals and Consumables during funded hours, which allows us to continue to offer the highest standard of care for our children

We do have a limited number of fully funded places, please get in touch if this is what you are looking for.